The Net Worth of Tony Too Turner? Among Other Things: Bio, Wiki, Wife, Family, Career, Education, Age, and Height 

News: Anthony, generally seen by his electronic deluding name Tooturnttony, is an undeniable American figure in the spaces of online redirection impacting, appearing, and content creation. His move to separation is credited to a development of drawing in manifestations and lip-synchronizing accounts including his family and a duck subject, storing an enormous following of more than 4.47 million sweethearts. 

In the early broad stretches of 2021, he presented his YouTube channel, TooTurntTony, which quickly charmed swarms, assembling in excess of 50,000 perspectives inside only days. Which confines his substance is significant solid areas for him from accepted practices and his unashamed assistance of sumptuousness.


Too.Turnt Tony, a name that has become vague from the universe of electronic redirection, is a rising star whose total assets has been a subject of interest for some. Known for his comedic plays and connecting with content, Tony has amassed a colossal following on stages like TikTok and Instagram. As we expect 2024, might we at some point bounce into the long outright assets of this web sensation.

Is Tooturnttony a person?Edit menu

Anthony Dawson, in like manner alluded to TooTurntTony or “Duck Daddy similar to” an American electronic entertainment character, model, and typical life protection advocate. 

His work incorporates viral spoof plays, social tests, and different records, periodically including his family and pet ducks.


NameAnthony Dawson
Date Of BirthFebruary 1, 1995
Age27 years old
Net Worth$2.9 million
TikTok20.2 million followers
Instagram2.6 million followers
YouTube5.2 million subscribers
Twitter98k followers
Height6 feet 1 inch

Anthony’s Formative Years

Anthony, at first known for his appearance and comedic portrays on Plant, wandered into making envisioning accounts including ducks while filling in as a duck farmer. Following the completion of Plant, he diverted his endeavors to TikTok, where his normality rose above onto different internet based entertainment stages. 

Right now, he organizes an amazing electronic presence with over 4.47 million YouTube endorsers, 91.3k Twitter pupils, and 2.5 million Instagram fans. Exceptionally, his comedic TikTok accounts anticipated a basic part in catapulting him to qualification. In this article, we will investigate Tooturnttony’s outright assets, calling heading, and individual life.


Tooturnttony is a blissful holder of American citizenship. It’s common for fans to be interested about the underpinnings of their #1 huge names or popular people, as it adds to their general standing and can concede a vibe of satisfaction for both the individual and their country. This alliance is frequently developed, especially when the individual has made exceptional progress in their work.

Childhood and Schooling

Tooturnttony, considered Anthony on February 11, 1997, in Michigan, USA, found his respect for video creation from the start, impacted by his dad. He went to class in Michigan, finishing his assistant school getting ready prior to going on with his scholastic excursion at Western Michigan School. 

There, he sought after a degree in film, video, and media, truly graduating and in this way leaving on a work as a model. His lord way later drove him to a situation at a film creation relationship in New York. Sadly, his work was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Professional Life and Career

Anthony’s way to commonness took a particular change when he dove into the universe of duck developing. Taking care of his captivating energy, he made accounts including different characters drawing in with his ducks. Past redirection, his substance filled a need: uncovering issues about the significance of shielding wetlands. 

Inserted with his remarkable kind of humor and creative considerations, these records laid the basis for his climbing as an online person. As Anthony’s presence made, he changed into making engaging shows and participating in friendly appraisals, routinely including his family, accomplishing the preparation of the TooTurntFamily. The reasonable investments, giggling, and once in a while violent minutes resounded overall, getting them to goliath transcendence and get-together endless partners across different web based entertainment stages. 

Anthony’s substance rises above standard satire, integrating captivating records, humor, and, incredibly, entrancing assessments. Observably, his series on Jeffrey Dahmer amassed in excess of 50 million perspectives. With this tremendous electronic achievement, it doesn’t astonish anyone that his substance has collected thought from basic media sources like Univision, Business Insider, and USA Today.


The extent to which Anthony may write for online magazines and his parts is unclear, regardless of how he has appeared in various picture shoots and publications. 

He has also stepped in as a model for other companies, but as of right now, we don’t even have a hint as to how much money he may get in this capacity, despite the fact that we can safely assume that it would be good places for a


Anthony sells stock on his site as well as other outsider districts, which take remarkable thought of his fans. His thing contains blend bongs, rings, hoodies, hides, shirts, covers, and a couple of things, going from $20 to $100. We can evaluate that Anthony gets towards the 6-figure mark reliably in deals. We right now don’t have even the remotest sign the aggregate he unequivocally gets, as there is no data accessible with respect to that.

Source of Income

Anthony principally conveys his pay through a substitute degree of channels, including virtual redirection content creation, brand affiliations, appearing, paid enlistments, and thing deals. 

This multi-layered strategy for overseeing change mirrors the adaptability and consequence of his presence in the general scene.

Brand Collaborations

Concerning mark made tries, Anthony has collaborated with several top brands generally through the scope of his electronic redirection calling, some of which are Steel Save, Celsius, Screw up, NOCA, BlueChew, and different others.

 We right as of now don’t have even the remotest sign the aggregate he could get from these relationship, as nothing has been uncovered concerning this. We can expect that most Anthony’s advantage come from brand coordinated effort; consequently it very well may be major areas of strength for a.

Too Turnt Tea

Tooturnttony sent off “Too Turnt Tea” in Walk 2023, a chilled tea thing in relationship with NOCA Prizes. The thing has 5% liquor and 100 calories for every lemon 12-pack. 

It expeditiously became one of the top-selling updated ales in 24 states, among basic retailers like Walmart, Kroger, and 7-Eleven. The total he acquired from this experience is at present dull.

Personal Life

Anthony was brought into the world on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, US. He was imaginative and vivacious to make a video or short reliable with life cuts from the early age of 4. 

He’d make accounts nearby his dad, where he’d purport to smoke on the vehicle’s rooftop. He was exceptionally amped up for acting. Concerning direction, he went to Western Michigan School. 

His degree in media studies, cinema, and video was awarded to him.

Anthony was besides really energetic about the action local area and working out as such he throws a tantrum and solid body from his high schooler days. 

Going before joining TikTok, he was likewise notable on Plant for his satire accounts and later unique to TikTok after Plant was chopped down. He was also correspondingly gifted in evaluations and has finished a high level training in media concentrates like video and movies. 

His family, Dominic and Maria, have showed up on his Instagram record, and his sister even capacities as his aide. His mother and Nonnie regularly show up in his records. He has two Pekin ducks. He perceives his social peculiarity as a central explanation he got separation.


It is at present confused what Anthony might have spent his advantage on. He has shown a few extravagance vehicles on his virtual entertainment, yet it is muddled in the event that he declares them. One most magnificent one is the Lamborghini Huracán that has appeared to be multiple times on his posts. 

The vehicle purportedly costs about $239k for its base model and could cost up to $600k. Anthony besides runs a useful YouTube channel, which would guess that he ought to put resources into sound and video hardware to work on quality substance. This could merge, lights, props, top tier cameras, sound recording stuff, sound, and video changing programming, for the most part superb quality machines to run this thing, and other such colleagues that would refresh the substance. 

He effectively conveys content in short-structure plans too, which requires a substitute strategy of hardware. Hence, Anthony could besides re-reasonable his video creation responsibilities to different subject matter experts, who could charge him a top notch cost subject to the individual/social occasion’s capacities and experience. Consequently, he might have correspondingly collected a social occasion to assist with making the substance that he does, which could likewise merge dealing with all of his electronic redirection cooperations. 

Anthony could likewise have to spend on association charges in the event that he is under the association of a limit affiliation. He could spend a top notch cost as an expense for the affiliation’s association and errands associations, reliant upon the affiliation and how much huge names/gifts they have on their overview. It is, obviously, speculative, however there is possible. We at this point don’t have even the remotest hint the aggregate he could spend on this.

Social Media

Anothony’s fortitude through electronic redirection is extraordinarily clear with over 17.4 million TikTok devotees, while on Instagram he has over 957k partners, and on YouTube, he has over 157k endorsers.


What is TooTurntTony’s real name?

Anthony Dawson is his real name.

When was TooTurntTony born?

TooTurntTony was born on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, USA.

What is TooTurntTony’s net worth?

TooTurntTony’s net worth is estimated to be $2.9 million.

What are TooTurntTony’s social media followers count?

TooTurntTony has 20.2 million followers on TikTok, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 98k followers on Twitter.

What are TooTurntTony’s primary sources of income?

TooTurntTony generates income through content creation, brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and other ventures.

Has TooTurntTony launched any products?

Yes, TooTurntTony launched “Too Turnt Tea” in March 2023 in collaboration with NOCA Beverages.

What is TooTurntTony’s educational background?

TooTurntTony pursued a degree in film, video, and media at Western Michigan University.

Does TooTurntTony have a family?

Yes, TooTurntTony’s family members, including his parents, sister, and pet ducks, have appeared in his content.


Early Start: 

Anthony Dawson, aka TooTurntTony, discovered his passion for video production at a young age, often making videos with his father since the age of 4.

Educational Background: 

TooTurntTony attended Western Michigan University, where he pursued a degree in film, video, and media.

Social Media Presence: 

With over 20.2 million followers on TikTok, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and 98k followers on Twitter, TooTurntTony has amassed a significant following across various platforms.

Content Variety: 

Known for his comedic sketches and engaging discussions, TooTurntTony’s content ranges from entertaining videos to thought-provoking discussions, often incorporating humor and creative concepts.

Brand Collaborations: 

TooTurntTony has collaborated with various brands throughout his career, including Steel Reserve, Celsius, and BlueChew, showcasing his influence in the digital space.

Product Launch: 

In March 2023, TooTurntTony launched “Too Turnt Tea” in partnership with NOCA Beverages, which quickly became one of the top-selling beverages in 24 states.

Family Involvement: 

TooTurntTony frequently features his family members, including his parents, sister, and pet ducks, in his content, creating a sense of authenticity and relatability among his audience.

Merchandise Sales: 

TooTurntTony sells merchandise on his website and other platforms, offering a range of products such as bongs, rings, hoodies, and shirts, contributing to his overall income stream.\


Anthony Dawson, better known as TooTurntTony, is an American internet personality, model, and wildlife advocate. He gained fame through humorous videos featuring his family and pet ducks. Born on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, he pursued a degree in film and media studies. With millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, TooTurntTony’s net worth is estimated at $2.9 million. He generates income through content creation, brand collaborations, and merchandise sales, and has launched his own product, “Too Turnt Tea.”

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