Tisha Campbell-Martin Net Worth: Bio, Personal Life & Many More

Tisha Campbell’s Net Worth

$700 Thousand

The name Tisha Campbell-Martin resonates with many people today for various reasons. Fans of television might recognize her from the popular sitcom “My Wife and Kids,” while others remember her iconic role in the “House Party” trilogy. Her talents extend beyond acting; she is also a gifted singer whose music has touched many. Additionally, Tisha is a remarkable dancer, known for her captivating and dynamic performances. Her award-winning career spans several decades, showcasing her versatility and enduring presence in contemporary Hollywood. Campbell-Martin’s unwavering dedication and hard work in the entertainment industry have solidified her status as one of its most respected and admired artists.

Tisha Campbell’s Net Worth

Tisha Campbell, an American singer and actress, boasts a net worth of $700 thousand. She gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of “Gina Waters-Payne” in the 1990s sitcom “Martin,” alongside Martin Lawrence. Despite her pivotal role in the series, she faced challenges, including a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lawrence and the show’s producers, leading to her absence from most season five episodes. However, she returned for the series finale under specific conditions.

Campbell’s filmography includes notable roles in films like “School Daze” (1988) and the successful “House Party” series, establishing her as a prominent figure in comedy and music genres.

On television, she solidified her status with starring roles in sitcoms like “My Wife and Kids,” earning acclaim for her portrayal of Janet ‘Jay’ Kyle. Known for infusing warmth and humor into her characters, she became a household name. Additionally, she showcased her versatility in dramatic roles, as seen in her recurring character on “Empire” and memorable guest appearances in various series.

However, despite her talent and success, Campbell faced financial challenges due to her marriage to Duane Martin. Their bankruptcy filing in 2016, amidst a separation in 2018, revealed significant debt and minimal assets, impacting Campbell’s net worth.

Who is Tisha Campbell?

Tisha Campbell, an accomplished American actress, singer, and dancer, was born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Growing up in a family deeply immersed in music and the arts, Campbell began her artistic journey at a young age, making her television debut at six on “The Big Blue Marble.”

Her career quickly gained momentum with memorable roles, such as her performance in the cult classic “Little Shop of Horrors” in the 1980s. However, it was her iconic portrayal of Gina Waters-Payne in the 1990s sitcom “Martin” that solidified her status as a household name.

Beyond acting, Campbell also explored her musical talents, releasing her debut album, “Tisha,” in 1992, which showcased her versatility. Despite facing financial challenges, including a bankruptcy filing in 2016, Campbell’s resilience and talent have kept her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her journey is a testament to her artistic versatility, personal strength, and enduring success in a highly competitive field.

Tisha Campbell Biography

Tisha Campbell, a multifaceted American actress, singer, and dancer, was born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Raised in a family deeply involved in music and the arts, Campbell’s artistic journey began early. She made her television debut at the age of six on the children’s program “The Big Blue Marble.”

Campbell’s career quickly gained momentum with notable roles, including a standout performance in the 1980s cult classic “Little Shop of Horrors.” However, it was her portrayal of Gina Waters-Payne on the 1990s sitcom “Martin” that made her a household name and cemented her place in television history.

In addition to her acting career, Campbell ventured into music, releasing her debut album “Tisha” in 1992, which highlighted her vocal talents and versatility. Despite encountering financial difficulties, including a bankruptcy filing in 2016, Campbell’s resilience and talent have ensured her continued prominence in the entertainment industry. Her journey reflects not only her artistic versatility but also her personal strength and enduring success in a highly competitive field.

Tisha Campbell Wiki

Real NameTisha Michelle Campbell
Nick NameTisha Campbell
Birth PlaceOklahoma City, New Jersey, United States
Date Of Birth13 October 1968
Age55 years old
HeightIn Centimetres – 163 cmIn Feet and Inches – 5’4”
WeightIn Kilograms – 60 kgIn Pounds – 132 lbs
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBlack
Parents NameFather – Clifton CampbellMother – Mona Washington
SiblingsTiara Campbell, Jermaine Campbell
SchoolNewark Arts High School
Zodiac SignLibra
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Husband/Spouse NameDuane Martin (m. 1996-2020)
Kids/Children NameEzekiel Czar Martin, Xen Martin
ProfessionActress, singer
Net Worth700
Last Updated2024

Tisha Campbell Early Life

Tisha Michelle Campbell was born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, she was one of six siblings. Her passion for music was ignited by her mother, a gospel singer and vocal coach, while her father, a singer himself, pursued chess mastery in his leisure. Inspired by her family’s musical background, Tisha enrolled at the Washington Academy of Music to further hone her talents.

Tisha Campbell Education

Tisha Campbell completed her high school education at Newark Arts High School. Additionally, she spent some time attending the Washington Academy of Music. After graduating in 1988, Campbell relocated to Hollywood to embark on her professional acting career.

Tisha Campbell’s Age

As of now, Tisha Campbell is 55 years old, having been born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At this stage in her life, she embodies a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of her craft. Her career continues to flourish, marked by her dynamic and influential presence in the entertainment industry. At 55, Tisha Campbell exemplifies a unique combination of seasoned expertise and vibrant energy, making her a respected and admired figure both on and off the screen.

Tisha Campbell’s Height & Weight

Tisha Campbell stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and typically maintains a weight around 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Her physical characteristics are well-suited to her acting career, enabling her to move gracefully on screen. Her height and weight give her a versatile physique, adaptable to a variety of roles. Whether performing in comedic or dramatic scenes, her physical attributes enhance her talent, allowing her to effectively embody a wide range of characters.

 Tisha Campbell’s Parents & Siblings

Tisha Campbell was born in Oklahoma to Mona (née Raye) Shockley and Clifton Campbell. She grew up alongside five siblings: an older brother, three younger brothers (including Jermaine Campbell), and a younger sister named Tiara Campbell.

Her mother, Mona, was a multifaceted individual, with roles as a nurse, talent manager, gospel singer, and vocal coach. Meanwhile, her father, Clifton, balanced his work as a factory worker with his passion for singing. He also dedicated his time as a chess master, reaching out to underprivileged children on both the east and west coasts, using chess as a tool for support and mentorship.

Tisha Campbell’s childhood was enriched by her family’s diverse talents and commitments. Her parents’ varied professions and dedication to supporting others, whether through music, healthcare, or community engagement, significantly influenced her upbringing.

Tisha Campbell’s Personal Life

Beyond what’s captured in the headlines, Tisha Campbell’s legacy as a talented performer resonates strongly. Her impact on film, television, and music has left an enduring mark on popular culture.

Tisha Campbell Physical Stats

Tisha Campbell stands at a height of 1.63 meters, which is equivalent to 5 feet 4 inches. She weighs approximately 60 kilograms or 132 pounds. Her eyes are Hazel in color, complementing her Light Brown hair. With body measurements of 36:27:36, she is renowned for her exceptional physique.

Tisha Campbell’s Boyfriend, Husband 

Tisha Campbell’s parents are Clifton Campbell, a singer and factory worker, and Mona (née Raye) Shockley, who worked as a nurse, talent scout, singing teacher, and gospel singer. She has four brothers, including Stanley and Jermaine Campbell, and one sister, Tiara Campbell. Tisha was previously married to actor and real estate professional Duane Martin. They met in 1992 and after dating and getting engaged, they married in 1996. Their sons, Xen Martin and Ezekiel Czar Martin, were born during their marriage. However, after 22 years together, Tisha filed for divorce, which was finalized in December 2020, reportedly due to irreconcilable differences.

How Many Children Does Tisha Campbell have?

Tisha Campbell hails from a family where her father, Clifton Campbell, pursued both singing and factory work, while her mother, Mona (née Raye) Shockley, balanced roles as a nurse, talent scout, singing instructor, and gospel singer. Among her siblings are brothers Stanley and Jermaine Campbell, along with sister Tiara Campbell. Tisha married actor and real estate professional Duane Martin in 1996, following a courtship that began in 1992. They welcomed two sons, Xen Martin and Ezekiel Czar Martin, during their marriage. However, after 22 years, Tisha filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, with the divorce finalized in December 2020

Tisha Campbell Career

TishTisha Campbell embarked on her acting journey at a young age, making her debut at six in a 1974 episode of “The Big Blue Marble.” Over the years, she appeared in various shows like “Kids Are People Too,” “Unicorn Tales,” and “Captain Kangaroo.” A significant breakthrough came in 1986 when, at the age of 16, she landed a role in the film “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Upon graduating from high school, Tisha made the pivotal move to Hollywood to pursue her acting career. This decision quickly bore fruit as she secured a role in the NBC musical-comedy series “Rags to Riches,” although the show was short-lived, lasting only one season. Undeterred, she transitioned back to film, earning a starring role in “School Daze” and appearing in movies like “Rooftops,” “Another 48 Hrs,” “Boomerang,” and all three “House Party” films.

In 1992, Tisha joined the cast of “Martin,” starring Martin Lawrence, a role that propelled her career forward. However, her time on the show was marred by a widely-publicized sexual harassment scandal involving Lawrence. Despite this, she appeared in 122 of the show’s 132 episodes before departing in 1997. That year, she also starred in the film “Sprung.”

Following her departure from “Martin,” Tisha continued to thrive in her career. She landed roles in projects like the Hallmark film “The Sweetest Gift” and the ABC comedy series “My Wife and Kids,” which ran until 2005. During this period, she also appeared in “The Last Place on Earth” and took on recurring roles in shows such as “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Rita Rocks.” In 2011, she joined the cast of the police drama series “The Protector,” followed by a recurring role in the sitcom “Dr. Ken” in 2015, which unfortunately ended after two seasons.

Diversification in to Music

The expansion of Tisha Campbell’s artistic horizons into the music industry marks a pivotal phase in her multifaceted career journey. This evolution underscores her fervent aspiration to delve into diverse forms of self-expression beyond the realm of acting.

Embarking on A Musical Odyssey

Simultaneously with her ascent to fame through her role in “Martin” in 1992, Tisha Campbell ventured into the realm of music with the launch of her self-titled debut album, “Tisha.” This courageous step into the music industry showcased her versatility and revealed her talent as a singer. While the album didn’t attain blockbuster success, its fusion of R&B and soul genres provided a platform for Campbell to exhibit her musical skills and diverse creativity.

Artistic Ingenuity & Moderate Triumph

“Tisha” showcased singles like “Push” and “Love Me Down,” pivotal in establishing Campbell as a vocalist. Despite moderate commercial sales, surpassing 40,000 copies, the album remains a poignant testament to Campbell’s artistic ingenuity and enduring impact in music.

Contribution to Soundtracks& Visual Artistry

Beyond her solo projects, Campbell’s musical journey extended to collaborative efforts. She contributed her talents to the soundtrack of the 1997 film “Sprung,” where she also appeared on screen. Additionally, her influence resonated across the music scene through captivating appearances in various music videos by fellow artists during the 1990s and 2000s. Notable among these are appearances in videos for hits like “Will 2K,” “Wild Wild West,” “You’re Makin’ Me High,” and “Hello.”

Sustaining Musical Resilience

Following her initial venture into music, Campbell maintained an ongoing involvement in the musical sphere, despite taking a hiatus. This sustained engagement highlights her steadfast commitment to her musical endeavors, even amidst her primary identity as an actress.

Real Estate Investments

Tisha Campbell’s venture into real estate investment is a testament to her diverse financial acumen, demonstrating her shrewdness in expanding her portfolio beyond the entertainment industry.

Strategic Real Estate Ventures

During the early 2000s, Tisha Campbell and her then-spouse Duane Martin embarked on various real estate ventures. Notably, they focused on acquiring upscale properties, including an extravagant mansion situated in the serene surroundings of the San Fernando Valley. Purchased in 2006 for approximately $1.5 million, this investment highlighted the couple’s shared success and financial savvy during that era.

Navigating Personal & Financial Turmoil

Despite the initial success, Tisha Campbell’s real estate ventures faced challenges, especially during her divorce proceedings. As part of the settlement, their San Fernando Valley estate was relinquished in 2018, reportedly selling for $2 million. This transaction not only reshaped her asset portfolio but also shed light on the intricate link between personal life upheavals and financial decisions in the realm of celebrity real estate.

Financial Prudence Amidst Adversity 

Tisha Campbell’s real estate endeavors offer a glimpse into her practical approach to financial management. While these investments played a crucial role in her wealth accumulation plan, her financial journey has encountered hurdles, notably a bankruptcy filing in 2016. This setback revealed significant debts, underscoring the complex nature of financial stewardship within the entertainment industry.

Tisha Campbell’s Nationality

As an American actress, Tisha Campbell proudly holds American nationality, reflecting her deep roots in American culture. Raised in the United States, her citizenship underscores her connection to the nation’s vibrant entertainment industry. Through her work in film and television, Tisha Campbell has made noteworthy contributions to the rich tradition of American cinema and television.

Legal Battles

The financial challenges faced by Campbell came to light through her joint bankruptcy filing with Duane Martin in 2016. Court records unveiled debts surpassing $15 million, juxtaposed with limited assets. Their divorce in 2018 shed additional light on financial disparities and accusations of undisclosed assets, leading to a tumultuous legal dispute.

Major Facts Of Tisha Campbell

  •  Tisha Campbell’s drinking habits are not widely known.
  • – Similarly, information regarding whether Tisha Campbell smokes is not readily available.
  • – She was raised in Newark, New Jersey, although originally from Oklahoma.
  • – As a child, Tisha participated in talent shows, winning first place and a car in her first competition.
  • – Her screen debut was in an episode of Big Blue Marble.
  • – Tisha starred as Rosie in the 1980 off-Broadway production of Really Rosie and made her cinematic debut in the 1986 musical Little Shop of Horrors while still in high school.
  • – She released her first album at the age of 18.
  • – Tisha’s choreographed dance routines were showcased in the 1990 movie House Party.
  • – In 2001, Tisha Campbell was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a disease causing inflammatory lumps in organs. She was honored with the NAACP Image Award
  • in 2003 for her work on My Wife and Kids.

Tisha Campbell’s Social Media Accounts

InstagramAlmost 2.2M FollowersCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 38.1K SubscribersCheck Out
LinkedInN/ACheck Out
PinterestN/ACheck Out

FAQs About Tisha Campbell’

Who is Tisha Campbell-Martin?

Tisha Campbell-Martin is an American actress, singer, and dancer known for her roles in television shows such as “My Wife and Kids” and “Martin,” as well as movies like the “House Party” trilogy.

When was Tisha Campbell-Martin born?

Tisha Campbell-Martin was born on October 13, 1968, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What is Tisha Campbell-Martin’s net worth?

As of 2024, Tisha Campbell-Martin’s net worth is approximately $1 million.

What are some notable roles played by Tisha Campbell-Martin?

She is well-known for her roles in “Martin” as Gina Waters-Payne, “My Wife and Kids” as Janet ‘Jay’ Kyle, and “Little Shop of Horrors.”

How many children does Tisha Campbell-Martin have?

Tisha Campbell-Martin has two sons, Ezekiel Czar Martin and Xen Martin.

Who was Tisha Campbell-Martin married to?

She was married to actor and real estate professional Duane Martin from 1996 until their divorce in 2020.

She has faced financial struggles, including a bankruptcy filing in 2016, but has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry through her resilience and talent.

What other talents Does Tisha Campbell-MartinHave Besides acting?

In addition to acting, Tisha Campbell-Martin is also a singer and dancer. She released her debut album, “Tisha,” in 1992.

Did Tisha Campbell-Martin face any health issues?

Yes, she suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease, in 2001.

How tall is Tisha Campbell-Martin?

Tisha Campbell-Martin stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall.


Tisha Campbell-Martin is a multifaceted artist whose contributions to acting, singing, and dancing have left a significant mark on the entertainment industry. Despite facing personal and financial challenges, her resilience and talent have ensured her continued relevance and success. Her journey from a young performer in Newark, New Jersey, to a celebrated figure in Hollywood is a testament to her versatility, determination, and enduring appeal.
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