How to Build a Proper Clash Royale Deck

One of the most common questions everyone is asking is, “How do I build a deck in Clash Royale better?” Are you tired of playing the same meta decks repeatedly? Are you ready to escape the monotony of mid-ladder gameplay dominated by certain strategies? Don’t worry; Let us explain.” So, for this, we’ve created an ultimate guide to crafting an effective Clash Royale deck. 

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Identifying Your Playstyle

Many believe that the first step in creating a Clash Royale deck is picking an archetype, but that’s different from where you should start. The crucial initial step is identifying your playstyle, which naturally influences how you play the game. Your playstyle will determine your success with various Clash Royale decks archetypes. For instance, if you’re an aggressive player, you’ll struggle with minor control Clash Royale decks because you’ll be too aggressive when you shouldn’t be. Conversely, if you’re a defensive player, bridge spam Clash Royale decks might not suit you, as you’ll miss opportunities to go on the offensive.

Identifying your playstyle falls into three major categories: Aggressive, passive, and brain-dead.

  • Aggressive players thrive with Clash Royale decks like bridge spam, cycle, and bait, which aim to control the game’s pace.
  • Passive players prefer defensive archetypes like control and siege, which require patience.
  • Brain-dead Clash Royale decks, often criticized for their simplicity, include beatdown and split-lane strategies, ideal for those who want results without exhaustive practice.

Choosing the Right Archetype and Win Condition

Once you’ve identified your playstyle, select an archetype that aligns with it. There are archetypes within each playstyle, and it’s crucial to choose one that suits your preferred approach. However, if you have a specific win condition in mind, you can select an archetype that features it.

Now, let’s pick your win condition. The win condition is the core card your Clash Royale deck centers around. It’s the card that deals direct tower damage. Not having a win condition is a common mistake when creating homemade Clash Royale decks. Throwing random cards together won’t lead to consistent success. The best win conditions currently include Miner, Hog, and Graveyard, but all can be effective if used correctly.

Adding Wildcard Cards and Fine-Tuning to your Deck in Clash Royale

After choosing your win condition, select support cards. Ensure you have at least one splash damage card, as swarm cards are prevalent in Clash Royale. Consider the synergy between your splash card and the win condition. Next, pick two air-targeting cards, which can sometimes overlap with your splash card. Air defense is vital to countering Lava Hound and Balloon threats.

Now, decide on your spells. You typically need two spells, with one being a small spell. Big spells include Lightning, Rocket, and Fireball, while small spells encompass Log, Zap, and Snowball. Choose spells that synergize with your Clash Royale deck and win conditions. If you’re unsure about the small spell, the Log is a safe choice, except for Graveyard decks. Your other spell can also be another small spell or something unconventional like Freeze, Clone, or Mirror.

Finally, complete your Clash Royale deck with wildcard cards to fill any gaps left by your other choices. Add another win condition if you lack offence, or a building if you need more defense. Consider point damage cards like Inferno Dragon or Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal with tanks, especially in cycle Clash Royale decks. Don’t forget cycle cards such as Skeletons, Goblins, or spirits.


There you have it; The formula we use to build our successful homemade Clash Royale decks. Remember to be patient and adapt your deck through trial and error until it fits your playstyle like a glove. Once you find the winning combination, stick with it and make it your own.

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