David Bromstad twin brother: Bio, Personal Life, Career & Many More

David Bromstad might not be a household name in the film industry, but he’s an unmistakable presence for fans of HGTV reality shows. His journey to fame has been nothing short of remarkable, transitioning from an animator/illustrator and interior designer to a prominent television personality.

Currently, Bromstad is best known for his role as the host of HGTV’s reality television show “My Lottery Dream Home,” a position he has held since 2015. Through this show, he helps lottery winners find and purchase their dream homes, adding a touch of excitement and personal flair to each episode.

Despite his fame, there have been speculations surrounding whether Bromstad might have a twin brother. These rumors have piqued the interest of fans eager to learn more about his personal life and family background. Let’s delve deeper into Bromstad’s career, personal life, and the truth behind these rumors to uncover whether David Bromstad indeed has a twin brother.

Who Is David Bromstad?

David Bromstad first gained recognition on HGTV’s reality show “HGTV Design Star,” where he competed as a contestant in the show’s inaugural season. Premiering on July 23, 2006, the show featured Bromstad and nine other designers vying for the opportunity to host their own design show on HGTV. After an intense competition lasting about six weeks, Bromstad emerged as the winner, securing his own show titled “Color Splash,” which premiered on HGTV the following year on March 19, 2007.

Following his victory, Bromstad’s involvement with “HGTV Design Star” continued as he returned as a guest judge in season 2 and later served as a mentor in seasons 6 and 7. However, his role evolved further as he assumed the position of presenter in season 7 and ultimately became the show’s host in “Design Star: All Stars” and season 8. Bromstad remained the host until the show’s final season aired from June 9 to July 21, 2013.

Simultaneously, Bromstad continued to host his own show, “Color Splash,” which enjoyed a successful run from 2007 to 2012, spanning eight seasons. Throughout his tenure on HGTV, Bromstad’s popularity soared, cementing his status as a household name among reality television audiences.

His transition from behind-the-scenes design work to becoming a prominent figure on television showcases his versatility and talent in the entertainment industry.

Who Is David Bromstad’s Brother?

David Bromstad grew up as the youngest child in a family of six, alongside his older brother, Dean Richard Bromstad, and two older sisters, Dynelle Renee Bromstad and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad. 

Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, David Bromstad does not have a twin brother. While details about his older brother remain scarce, it’s evident that Dean Richard prefers to maintain a low profile, as he stays away from the public eye.

 Although David has shared glimpses of his family on social media, photos of Dean Richard are notably absent. Speculations about David having a twin brother may have stemmed from fans observing younger photos of the TV personality before he adorned his body with tattoos. However, it’s important to clarify that David Bromstad does not have a twin sibling, debunking any misconceptions surrounding his family background.

David Bromstad Biography

David Bromstad is a multifaceted American TV personality known for hosting popular shows like ‘HGTV’s ‘Color Splash with David Bromstad’ and ‘My Lottery Dream House.’ He began his career as a Disney illustrator before transitioning into interior design and television.

 Bromstad is also a mentor on ‘HGTV’s ‘Design Star’ and has appeared as a celebrity judge on ‘Brother vs Brother.’ He serves as a spokesperson for various brands, including ‘Mythic Paints’ and ‘Microsoft,’ and is a brand ambassador for ‘Miele.’ Additionally, Bromstad is openly gay and has made appearances on prominent TV shows like the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ and the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show.’

David Bromstad’s profile summary

Full NameDavid Reed Bromstad
Famous asDavid Bromstad
Date of BirthAugust 17, 1973
Age50 years old (2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Place of BirthCokato, Minnesota, USA
Current ResidenceOrlando, Florida, USA
Alma MaterWayzata High School, Ringling College of Art and Design
Height6’1” (185 cm)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusSingle
Ex-boyfriendJeffrey Glasko
ParentsDiane Marlys and Richard Harold David Bromstad
ProfessionTelevision personality, interior designer, writer, and artist
Net Worth$2 million
Social MediaInstagram (No Twitter)

David Bromstad’s Early Years

Bromstad’s journey to fame and success began with his passion for art and design. After completing his education at Sarasota’s Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, Bromstad embarked on a career as a Disney animator, realizing his childhood dream.

While his time as a Disney animator didn’t bring him the widespread recognition he enjoys today, it honed his design skills and laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Encouraged by a friend, Bromstad took a leap of faith and auditioned for HGTV’s Design Star, a pivotal decision that ultimately propelled him into the spotlight. His move to Miami Beach marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career, as he embarked on a journey to showcase his talent and creativity on national television. 

Through his appearances on HGTV shows like Design Star and My Lottery Dream Home, Bromstad captured the hearts of viewers and solidified his position as a beloved television personality in the realm of interior design and home renovation.

David Bromstad’sAge

David Reed Bromstad, currently 50 years old, entered the world on August 17, 1973, in Cokato, Minnesota, USA. His family background reflects a rich tapestry of heritage, with his father, Richard Harold David, tracing his roots to Norwegian ancestry, and his mother, Diane Marlys Bromstad, hailing from Swedish-German descent.

 Meet David Bromstad’s Parent

David Bromstad, the youngest member of the Bromstad family, was born in Cokato, Minnesota, on August 17, 1973, named after his father, Richard Harold David Bromstad. His parents, the patriarch and matriarch of the family, have played pivotal roles in shaping his life and career.

 While David’s father traces his roots to Norwegian ancestry, his mother, with European heritage, has Swedish and German descent. Throughout his journey, David has expressed gratitude for his parents’ unwavering support, acknowledging their love and influence in shaping his choices, lifestyle, and successful career.

David’s avid bromstad’s Siblings

David Bromstad, the youngest member of his family, shares a close bond with his older brother and two sisters. His older brother, Dean Richard Bromstad, maintains a private lifestyle, preferring to stay out of the public eye. Despite this, their relationship remains strong, and David expresses his admiration for his brother’s support of his successful television career, even though Dean’s presence is not visible on David’s active social media profiles.

David’s sisters, Danielle Renee Bromstad and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad, share a special connection with him. They enjoy spending time together, often bringing vibrancy to family gatherings with their lively personalities. David holds his sisters in high regard, praising their creativity and suggesting they share his passion for interior design. Family holds immense importance to David Bromstad, and he cherishes the bond he shares with his siblings, highlighting their significance in his life alongside his career achievements and net worth.

Dyonne Racheal Bromstad

Racheal is said to have pursued a career in interior design, having attended Dassel-Cakato High School and Dakota County Technical College for her education. Reports suggest that she currently holds a position as an office coordinator at Northern Life Wellness.

Dean Richard Bromstad

Dean Richard Bromstad, Reed’s sole brother, opts for a private lifestyle, steering clear of the limelight that often accompanies his brother’s fame. As per his Facebook profile, he is depicted as an easygoing individual who cherishes life’s simple pleasures and relishes spending time with loved ones and friends.

Dynelle Renee Bromstad 

Dynelle Renee Bromstad pursued a nursing career at Bethel University, specializing in Surgical Intensive Care and Labor and Delivery. Her expertise reflects her dedication to providing critical care in high-stakes medical settings. In Surgical Intensive Care, she adeptly manages complex patient conditions, requiring keen attention and specialized interventions. 

Additionally, her role in Labor and Delivery emphasizes her support for expectant mothers, ensuring their safety and well-being during childbirth. Dynelle’s commitment to nursing underscores her passion for healthcare and making a meaningful impact in patients’ lives.

 Personal Life

In a 2012 interview, David Bromstad openly discussed his sexual orientation and relationship with Jeffrey Glasko, whom he met in 2004. Bromstad is currently in a new relationship, but details remain private. Active on social media, he enjoys a large fan following and maintains a close relationship with his supportive family.

Is David Bromstad married? 

While Bromstad remains unmarried, he previously engaged in a long-standing relationship with former police officer Jeffrey Glasko. Their relationship, spanning over a decade, commenced after they met at a singles event on Valentine’s Day in 2004. However, Glasko purportedly terminated the relationship due to Bromstad’s struggles with alcohol and substance abuse. Additionally, he initiated legal action against Bromstad, alleging a breach of the partition agreement concerning their shared property.


Following his graduation from Ringling, renowned for its connections to Disney, David Bromstad initially worked as a visual merchandiser. His creativity extended to various projects at Disney parks, including painting murals, crafting woodwork, and sculpting. 

He also contributed to significant installations at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure. Unfortunately, sudden layoffs at Disney, compounded by the market crash of 2001 following 9/11, led to unemployment. A turning point came when an interior designer friend commissioned him to decorate children’s rooms for model projects. 

Leveraging his skills in prop design, illustration, woodworking, and painting, Bromstad excelled in creating captivating designs. His talent caught the attention of producers from the TV show Design Star, prompting his move to Miami Beach to pursue this new opportunity.

 Celebrity Net Worth estimates David Bromstad’s net worth at $2 million, with a reported earning of $70,000 per episode for his show My Lottery Dream Home. Additionally, Bromstad continues to thrive as an interior designer, renowned for designing homes for Hollywood celebrities. 

Despite rumors of a twin brother, Bromstad does not have one but shares a close bond with his elder brother, Dean Richard Bromstad, and his sisters, Dynelle Renee and Dyonne Racheal Bromstad.

David Bromstad do for a living 

David Bromstad commenced his professional journey as a Disney illustrator, where he showcased his remarkable artistic talents. However, a pivotal moment arrived when he decided to explore entrepreneurship, leading him to establish Bromstad Studio after a period of leave.

 Motivated by a friend’s encouragement, Bromstad made the bold move to relocate to Miami Beach to audition for HGTV Design Star, a decision that would significantly reshape his career trajectory. 

Emerging as the victor of the competition, he not only secured the prestigious opportunity to host his own show on the network but also received a coveted car prize. From 2007 to 2012, Bromstad captivated audiences as the charismatic host of Color Splash on HGTV, thereby solidifying his enduring presence and influence in the television industry.

David Bromstad’s Rise to Fame

Before 2006, David Bromstad’s name remained unfamiliar to television audiences. Before pursuing a television career, he aspired to become a Disney animator, showcasing his ambition and determination. 

With aspirations set on joining the ranks of Disney animators, Bromstad enrolled at the renowned Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, known as a breeding ground for Disney talent. After completing his education, he commenced his professional journey as a Disney Illustrator, laying the foundation for his artistic career.

In 2006, spurred by the encouragement of a close friend and support from his siblings, Bromstad made a pivotal decision to relocate to Miami, Florida, and audition for HGTV’s Design Star.

 The reality television series aimed to discover a new design talent to host a forthcoming show on the network. Competing against nine other contestants in the show’s inaugural season, set in New York City, Bromstad quickly distinguished himself. Following the culmination of the 8-episode season, Bromstad emerged as the victor.

David Bromstad’s Shows on HGTV

Winning HGTV Design Star marked a pivotal moment in David Bromstad’s career trajectory. Transitioning from an illustrator to an interior designer, Bromstad redirected his focus, embracing his passion for design. His show, Color Splash, became a cornerstone of his success, captivating audiences for 8 seasons on HGTV from March 19, 2007, to March 17, 2012. Initially filmed in San Francisco, the show later shifted its production to Miami for its final seasons, spanning from 2010 to 2012.

In addition to Color Splash, Bromstad expanded his presence on HGTV, hosting and appearing in various other shows. He co-hosted Beach Flip and HGTV Insider in 2015 and showcased his talents as both a contestant and judge on the reality TV game show Brother vs. Brother.

In 2015, Bromstad embarked on a new journey as the host of HGTV’s reality TV series, My Lottery Dream Home. Leveraging his interior design expertise, Bromstad assists lottery winners and individuals who have recently come into wealth in finding their dream homes. With the show now in its 13th season, My Lottery Dream Home has enjoyed a successful run since its premiere on March 7, 2015. Across 158 episodes, Bromstad has guided new homeowners in realizing their dream of purchasing their ideal homes, captivating audiences with the exhilarating home-buying journey.

In late 2023, Bromstad ventured into a new HGTV series, Hot Mess Renos. With only a few episodes aired, the show has garnered positive ratings as viewers witness Bromstad and his team’s transformative efforts in renovating dilapidated houses into stunning masterpiece homes.

David Bromstad’s sisters joined him on HGTV

David Bromstad shares a deeply cherished bond with his sisters, Dynelle and Dyonne Bromstad, evident through their frequent presence on his social media platforms. The HGTV star often illuminates his feeds with heartwarming snapshots of his older siblings and their parents, highlighting the strong familial ties within the Bromstad clan. In a 2017 post, he shared a photo featuring each family member, excluding his older brother, captioning it with sentiments of joy and gratitude: 

“Having the best time with my fantastic family!” David’s active engagement on social media serves as a testament to his admiration for his siblings, but the ultimate confirmation of their close relationship? Their joint appearance on one of his television shows.

In 2021, Dynelle and Dyonne had the opportunity to participate in “My Lottery Dream Home Holiday Extravaganza,” an experience that David fondly commemorated with shared photos of the trio on set. Expressing his profound sentiment about the collaboration, David remarked, “I don’t think I’ve ever said this in my entire career, but I do believe this is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. Probably because I had the most amazing team and part of the team was my fabulous sisters!” Offering a more intimate glimpse into their bond, he affectionately described them as “goofy, weird, delightfully strange, fashionable, intensely honest, hyper-creative, and deliciously dorky.” David concluded with heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to work alongside his incredible sisters, creating cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Awards & Achievements

David Bromstad made history as the first TV personality to be included in the ‘100 List’ by ‘OUT’ magazine. Recognized for his openness about his identity, he received the 2011 HRC Visibility Award. Additionally, in 2012, he was honored with the Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award, further solidifying his impact and recognition within the LGBTQ+ community.

Net worth

David Bromstad’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It’s reported that he earns a substantial sum of $70,000 for each episode of his show, My Lottery Dream Home. In addition to his television career, Bromstad continues to work as an interior designer, known for designing homes for Hollywood celebrities, which contributes significantly to his income. Despite rumors, David Bromstad does not have a twin brother. However, he shares a close bond with his elder brother, Dean Richard Bromstad, as well as his two sisters, Danielle Renee and Dyonne Racheal Bromstad.

David Bromstad  Facts

  • David Bromstad is an American interior decorator, furniture designer, artist, muralist, and TV personality.
  • He gained fame as the host of HGTV shows such as ‘Color Splash with David Bromstad’ and ‘My Lottery Dream House.’
  • Bromstad started his career as an illustrator for Disney before launching his own firm specializing in designing fantasy bedrooms for children.
  • He won the first season of HGTV’s ‘Design Star’ and later became a mentor on the show.
  • Bromstad has appeared as a celebrity judge on ‘Brother vs Brother’ and serves as a spokesperson for brands like ‘Mythic Paints’ and ‘Microsoft.’
  • He is a brand ambassador for ‘Miele’ and writes a weekly blog for HGTV.
  • Known for his advocacy and visibility, Bromstad is openly gay and has made appearances on popular TV shows such as the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ and the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show.’

FAQs about David Bromstad:

Does David Bromstad have a twin brother?

No, David Bromstad does not have a twin brother. He has an older brother named Dean Richard Bromstad, along with two older sisters, Dynelle Renee and Dyonne Rachael Bromstad.

What is David Bromstad’s net worth?

David Bromstad’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He reportedly earns $70,000 for each episode of his show, “My Lottery Dream Home,” and also generates income through his work as an interior designer.

Is David Bromstad married?

No, David Bromstad is not married. He was previously in a long-term relationship with Jeffrey Glasko, but the relationship ended in 2015.

What are David Bromstad’s notable achievements?

David Bromstad made history as the first TV personality to be named to the ‘100 List’ by ‘OUT’ magazine. He also received the HRC Visibility Award in 2011 and was honored with the Miami Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award in 2012.

What are David Bromstad’s popular TV shows?

David Bromstad is best known for hosting HGTV shows such as “Color Splash with David Bromstad” and “My Lottery Dream Home.” He also appeared as a contestant and mentor on “HGTV Design Star” and has served as a celebrity judge on “Brother vs Brother.”


Starting his career behind the scenes, he transitioned into the spotlight with his captivating presence on HGTV shows. Despite facing challenges and setbacks along the way, Bromstad’s resilience and passion for design propelled him to success.

Beyond his professional achievements, Bromstad’s openness about his identity and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community have earned him widespread recognition and admiration. His close-knit family ties and unwavering support from his siblings further highlight the importance of love and connection in his life.

As David Bromstad continues to inspire audiences with his creativity and charisma, his impact on the world of interior design and reality television remains profound. With a legacy of groundbreaking achievements and a bright future ahead, Bromstad continues to shine as a beacon of talent and authenticity in the entertainment industry.

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