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Chris Exhaust, the acclaimed American joke artist and entertainer, was brought into the world on August 31, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia. Ascending to noticeable quality with his breakout job in the religion exemplary “Friday,” he set his star status with the stunningly famous “Busy time” series, containing “Busy time,” “Busy time 2,” and “Busy time 3.”

Eminent for his dynamic exhibitions and dangerously sharp comedic timing, Exhaust has additionally made critical visitor appearances on different TV and satire shows. Past his expert achievement, Exhaust’s own life and monetary status, remembering his total assets for 2024, frequently catch public consideration. By and by, he’s creating buzz with the expectation encompassing his impending undertaking, “Busy time 4,” promising to maintain his tradition of engaging crowds around the world.

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Exhaust, an American clown and performer, has a complete resources of $5 million. He started his calling during the 1990s as an expert comic preceding moving into the diversion world. Exhaust’s enormous break went with the 1995 parody “Friday,” where he included nearby Ice 3D shape. He obtained further recognition and established his status as a Hollywood driving man with the “Active time” film series, co-including Jackie Chan. Known for his high-energy presentations and perfect comedic timing, Exhaust transformed into a #1 among swarms. His film credits moreover consolidate “The Fifth Part,” “Money Talks,” and “Silver Linings Playbook.”

In the last piece of the 1990s, Exhaust showed up at the apex of his calling and transformed into the most liberally remunerated performer on earth. Following the monster progress of the first “Active time” film in 1998, he got a $20 million game plan for its continuation, indistinguishable from around $40 million today. Besides, he organized a two-film contract worth $40 million with New Line Film, including a $25 million pay for “Active time 3.” Exhaust in like manner secured 20% of the gross receipts from “Active time 3,” making it one of the most remunerating acting plans by then. Overall, he obtained somewhere near $50 million from the “Active time” foundation, which changes with generally $65 million today.

Who is Chris Tucker?

American humorist and entertainer Chris Exhaust, brought into the world on August 31, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia, first rose to noticeable quality with his breakout job in the clique exemplary “Friday,” and later cemented his star status with the colossally well known “Busy time” series, including “Busy time,” “Busy time 2,” and “Busy time 3.” His dynamic exhibitions and sharp comedic timing have likewise made him a champion visitor on different TV and satire shows. Past his expert achievement, Exhaust’s own life and monetary status, remembering his total assets for 2024, much of the time catch public consideration. At present, he is standing out as truly newsworthy with the expectation encompassing his approaching task, “Busy time 4,” which vows to proceed with his tradition of engaging crowds around the world.


Chris Exhaust was brought into the world on August 31, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia, and experienced childhood in a Pentecostal Christian family. Enlivened by entertainers Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, he went to Columbia Secondary School in Decatur, Georgia, prior to moving to Los Angeles to seek after a lifelong in stand-up parody. Exhaust’s ability and charm immediately earned him respect, prompting jobs in a progression of fruitful movies. 

He previously had a tremendous effect with his presentation in “Friday,” and kept on building his standing with jobs in “Jaguar” and “Dead Presidents.” In any case, it was his featuring jobs in the “Busy time” set of three — “Busy time,” “Busy time 2,” and “Busy time 3” — that really slung him to worldwide notoriety, making him a commonly recognized name and cementing his place in Hollywood.

Chris Tucker Childhood

Chris Exhaust’s life as a youngster in Atlanta, Georgia, was molded by the glow and values imparted by his folks, Norris Exhaust and Mary Louise Exhaust. Experiencing childhood in a Pentecostal Christian family, Exhaust was encircled by major areas of strength for an of local area and confidence, which assumed a huge part in molding his personality and perspective. He imparted a nearby cling to his sibling, Dexter Exhaust, shaping loved recollections and encounters that would impact his life way. 

In spite of any difficulties he might have confronted, Exhaust’s childhood gave a strong groundwork to his future undertakings, imparting in him upsides of difficult work, steadiness, and uprightness. These early stages laid the foundation for Exhaust’s excursion to progress, showing him a way to turn into the commended humorist and entertainer he is today.


Full NameChris Tucker
Date of BirthAugust 31, 1971
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia
FamilyFather: Norris Tucker
Mother: Mary Louise Tucker
Brother: Dexter Tucker
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-SpouseAzja Pryor
ChildrenSon: Destin Tucker
EducationColumbia High School, Decatur, Georgia
CareerStand-up Comedian, Actor
Notable Works“Friday,” “Rush Hour” series
Net Worth (2024)$5 million
Physical TraitsHeight: 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight: Approximately 91 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Social MediaLimited presence

Chris Tucker Education

Chris Exhaust’s instructive excursion started at Columbia Secondary School, where he established the groundwork for his future undertakings. While insights concerning his advanced education and explicit capabilities are not promptly accessible, Exhaust’s progress in media outlets says a lot about his ability, assurance, and capacity to succeed in his picked field. 

In spite of any conventional scholarly honors, Exhaust’s encounters and abilities procured both inside and outside the study hall have without a doubt assumed a vital part in molding his distinguished lifetime as an entertainer and entertainer. His process fills in as an update that achievement can be accomplished through energy, difficult work, and devotion, paying little mind to customary instructive pathways.

Chris Tucker Age

Brought into the world on August 31, 1971, Chris Exhaust’s age mirrors the abundance of involvement and insight he has gathered all through his life. As time passes, Exhaust keeps on developing as an individual and as a craftsman, embracing new difficulties and potential open doors with elegance and flexibility. 

As he explores the steadily changing scene of media outlets, his age fills in as a demonstration of his persevering through significance and persevering through influence on crowds around the world. Regardless of the progression of time, Exhaust’s magnetism and ability stay immortal, setting his status as a dearest figure in the hearts of fans across ages.

Chris Tucker Height

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighing roughly 91 kilograms, Chris Exhaust has an instructing presence. His ebony hair and profound, expressive bruised eyes add to his striking appearance. While his definite body estimations are not commonly known, Exhaust’s actual height radiates certainty and magnetism both on and off the screen. 

Whether he’s spellbinding crowds with his comedic exhibitions or saying something with his presence, Exhaust’s unmistakable highlights add to his certain appeal and allure.

Chris Tucker Personal life

Chris Exhaust has a child named Destin with his ex, Azja Pryor. He keeps a dear kinship with his previous co-star Jackie Chan and was an old buddy of Michael Jackson until the pop star’s demise. Exhaust showed up in Jackson’s 2001 music video for “You Rock My Reality” and went to Jackson’s dedication administration in 2009. In 2008, Exhaust openly upheld Barack Obama’s official mission. He divides his time between homes in Bel Air, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

Exhaust has transparently recognized as a brought back to life Christian, which has impacted his choice to eliminate profane language from his parody schedules. This change in his own convictions is likewise refered to as a key justification for why he declined to repeat his renowned job as Smokey in the spin-offs of “Friday.”

In 2022, Exhaust and Steve Harvey were respected with the first “Man in the Mirror” grant at the Halloween Spine chiller Night facilitated by the Mend Los Angeles Establishment. This grant perceives people who take advantage of their leverage for positive effect. Exhaust turned into an authority diplomat for the establishment in 2021, which was helped to establish by Michael Jackson’s child, Ruler Jackson.

Chris Tucker Family

Chris Tucker’s family background includes his parents, Norris Tucker and Mary Louise Tucker, who provided the foundation for his upbringing. He shares a close bond with his brother, Dexter Tucker, forming a supportive familial unit. While Tucker’s marital status indicates he is divorced, he was previously married to Azja Pryor, with whom he shares a son named Destin Tucker. Despite the complexities of his personal life, Tucker’s commitment to fatherhood remains steadfast, as evidenced by his ongoing relationship with Destin. 

Beyond his immediate family, Tucker values the importance of familial connections and cherishes the support and love he receives from his parents, brother, and son. These familial relationships serve as a source of strength and grounding for Tucker as he navigates both the highs and lows of life in the public eye.

Chris Tucker Career

Chris Exhaust began leveling up his parody abilities in Atlanta satire clubs prior to earning respect on “Def Satire Jam.” He made his big screen debut in 1994 with “Local Party 3.” His acting profession started to thrive during the 90s, remarkably with his job as Ice Block’s comedic companion in “Friday.” Albeit the film at first saw humble achievement, it has since turned into a clique exemplary, prompting two continuations in which Exhaust didn’t show up.

Following “Friday,” Exhaust kept on acting in more modest movies yet gathered huge consideration in 1997 for his part in the French science fiction film “The Fifth Component.” The film, highlighting Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Tommy Lister, and Gary Oldman, was a film industry hit notwithstanding blended surveys from pundits. Exhaust’s exhibition was for the most part generally welcomed, assisting him with acquiring openness. That very year, he showed up in Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown.” In any case, his significant advancement came in 1998.

In 1998, Exhaust co-featured as Analyst James Carter in Brett Ratner’s “Busy time” close by Jackie Chan. The film, an activity parody, was commended for the science among Chan and Exhaust. It appeared at the highest point of the movies, netting $33 million in its most memorable end of the week and at last acquiring more than $244 million around the world.

The progress of “Busy time” slung Exhaust’s profession. For the continuation, “Busy time 2,” delivered in 2001, Exhaust arranged a $20 million compensation. The continuation, which kept up with the effective amigo satire dynamic, opened at number one in the cinema world, procuring more than $67 million in its most memorable end of the week and earning more than $347 million around the world.

In 2023, Exhaust showed up in “Air,” depicting Howard White. He keeps on guaranteeing fans that “Busy time 4” is in progress and that he will repeat his job as Analyst James Carter.

Chris Tucker Other work and Appearances

Chris Exhaust has not just become well known in film and satire yet in addition as a host for conspicuous occasions like the 2013 BET Grants and the 2020 Metropolitan One Distinctions, where he celebrated diversion symbols like Jamie Foxx, Missy Elliott, and Chance the Rapper. Past his diversion profession, Exhaust is profoundly engaged with altruistic exercises. 

He has taken part in NBA Elite player Superstar b-ball games with stars like Terrell Owens, Imprint Cuban, and Expert P. Exhibiting his obligation to offering in return, Exhaust laid out the Chris Exhaust Establishment, which means to upgrade youth wellbeing and schooling. To additional help his establishment’s main goal, he began the Chris Exhaust VIP Golf Competition, with all continues coordinated towards the establishment’s altruistic undertakings.

Chris Tucker Philanthropy Work

Chris Exhaust’s humanitarian endeavors mirror his profound obligation to having a beneficial outcome on the planet. He effectively upholds different worthy missions and establishments, utilizing his foundation to bring issues to light and assets for significant issues. From partaking in foundation shows to supporting for African destitution and yearning issues in the U.S., Exhaust’s contribution in magnanimous undertakings is broad and genuine.

Throughout the long term, Exhaust has loaned his help to a few regarded causes, including the American Starting point for Helps Exploration, BrittiCares Worldwide, and the Superstar Battle Night Establishment, among others. Through these associations, he has added to makes going from Helps and HIV mindfulness disease research, youngsters’ government assistance, instruction, and destitution lightening.

At the very front of Exhaust’s magnanimous endeavors is The Chris Exhaust Establishment, which has a mission to work on the personal satisfaction for minimized people around the world, with a specific spotlight on South African youth impacted by HIV/Helps. Through this establishment, Exhaust plans to be a voice for those out of luck, upholding for their freedoms and offering help where it’s required most.

One of Exhaust’s eminent drives incorporates grant programs for low-pay families and destitute youngsters, exhibiting his commitment to engaging youth and guaranteeing they approach instructive open doors. By supporting these causes, Exhaust endeavors to make a more promising time to come for a long time into the future, typifying the genuine soul of offering in return and having an effect in the existences of others.

Chris Tucker Relationship

Chris Exhaust’s own life has been set apart by different connections and encounters, forming the man he is today. While insights regarding his heartfelt connections are in many cases private, Exhaust’s obligation to family and friends and family is clear. He was recently hitched to Azja Pryor, with whom he shares a child named Destin Exhaust. However the marriage at last finished in separate, Exhaust stays devoted to co-nurturing and keeping major areas of strength for a with his child. 

Past close connections, Exhaust esteems the associations he imparts to companions, partners, and fans, encouraging significant connections that improve his life and profession. As he keeps on exploring the intricacies of affection and connections, Exhaust’s faithful unwaveringness and authentic consideration for those nearest to him radiate through, featuring the significance of adoration and association in his life process.

Chris Tucker Social Media

Chris Exhaust’s presence via virtual entertainment gives fans a brief look into his life past the spotlight. While he may not be essentially as dynamic as certain superstars on stages like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Exhaust actually draws in with his crowd through periodic posts and updates. Fans can follow him via online entertainment to remain informed about his most recent undertakings, magnanimous undertakings, and individual achievements. 

Notwithstanding keeping a somewhat low profile on the web, Exhaust’s virtual entertainment presence fills in as a manner for fans to associate with him and show their help for his work in media outlets and his magnanimous endeavors. Whether sharing in the background minutes from film sets or offering uplifting statements to his adherents, Exhaust’s periodic presence via online entertainment stages mirrors his appreciation for his fans and his longing to remain associated with them.


  • Birth: Chris Tucker was born on August 31, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Career Highlights: He rose to prominence with his role in “Friday” and became a household name with the “Rush Hour” series.
  • Philanthropy: Tucker is actively involved in charitable work, supporting causes like AIDS research and children’s welfare.
  • Personal Life: He was previously married to Azja Pryor and has a son named Destin Tucker.
  • Height and Weight: Tucker stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs approximately 91 kilograms.
  • Social Media: While not highly active, Tucker occasionally engages with fans on social media platforms.


What is Chris Tucker’s net worth?

As of 2024, Chris Tucker’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

What are some of Chris Tucker’s notable films?

Some of Tucker’s notable films include “Friday,” the “Rush Hour” series, “The Fifth Element,” and “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Is Chris Tucker married?

No, Chris Tucker is currently divorced. He was previously married to Azja Pryor.

Does Chris Tucker have any children?

Yes, Chris Tucker has a son named Destin Tucker.

What philanthropic work is Chris Tucker involved in?

Chris Tucker is actively involved in charitable causes, supporting organizations focused on AIDS research, children’s welfare, and poverty alleviation.

How tall is Chris Tucker?

Chris Tucker stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall.


Chris Tucker, the renowned American comedian and actor, gained fame with iconic roles in “Friday” and the “Rush Hour” series. His dynamic performances and charitable endeavors have earned him respect both on and off-screen. Despite his personal challenges, Tucker remains dedicated to his craft and his philanthropic efforts, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

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