Andrew Shue Net Worth: Bio, Early Life, Personal Life, & Many More

Andrew Shue’s Net Worth

$20 Million

Andrew Shue’s life is a mosaic of diverse experiences, blending acting, sports, and entrepreneurial pursuits. While his role in Melrose Place catapulted him to fame, his journey transcends the glitz of Hollywood. Shue’s story exemplifies the limitless potential when one embraces their passions.

Beyond the entertainment industry, Shue’s entrepreneurial ventures reflect his unwavering commitment to innovation. His endeavors underscore a drive for success, earning admiration across different sectors. His story inspires, highlighting the synergy of creativity, athleticism, and business acumen.From screens to sports fields and boardrooms, Shue’s resilience and willingness to tackle challenges define his journey. Each endeavor is a testament to his spirit, setting the stage for even greater achievements ahead.

What is Andrew Shue’s Net Worth?

Andrew Shue’s career is a testament to defying norms, skillfully weaving together his varied interests and talents into a tapestry of achievements. His unconventional approach has earned him widespread admiration, with his innovative spirit and business acumen celebrated by the public. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his earnings at around $20 million, a testament to his versatility and forward-thinking mindset. Yet, Shue’s true wealth extends beyond financial success. His numerous accomplishments and philanthropic endeavors highlight the depth of his character. While his net worth reflects his diverse achievements, it’s his commitment to making a positive impact through charity work that truly defines his richness. Andrew Shue’s journey exemplifies the power of embracing one’s passions and abilities. It underscores the importance of continual growth and striving for excellence. Through his story, Shue inspires others to embrace change and utilize their talents for the betterment of society.

How is Andrew Shue So rich?

Andrew Shue’s financial success stems primarily from his ventures in entrepreneurship, notably his co-founding of Cafe Media. This bold move, coupled with his earnings from acting, especially his role in “Melrose Place,” has significantly contributed to his substantial net worth.

Who is Andrew Shue?

Andrew Shue, an American multi-talent, has left his mark as an actor, athlete, and entrepreneur. Born on February 20, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware, he first rose to prominence for his portrayal of Billy Campbell in the widely acclaimed TV series “Melrose Place.” He has carved out a significant presence in the business world as a co-founder of Cafe Media, an internet media company, showcasing his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Andrew Shue Biography

Andrew Shue, a renowned American actor and former model, entered the world on February 20, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware. As an individual of interest, there’s curiosity about various facets of his life. People seek details regarding his age, marital status, net worth, physical attributes like weight and height, along with insights into his career, family, and accomplishments. Delving into his biography, one discovers a wealth of information encapsulating his journey in the entertainment industry, noteworthy achievements, and personal milestones.

Andrew Shue Wiki

Full NameAndrew Eppley Shue
NicknameAndrew Shue
BirthdateFebruary 20, 1967
BirthplaceWilmington, Delaware, USA
Zodiac signPisces
Sexual orientationStraight
Age57 years old
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Net Worth$20 Million
ProfessionActor, Football player, Entrepreneur
SpousesAmy Robach, Jennifer Hageney
ChildrenNathaniel William Shue
SiblingsElisabeth Shue, William Shue, John Shue
ParentsJames Shue, Anne Harms
EducationDartmouth College (BA)
Marital statusMarried

Andrew Shue Early life

He isprominent figure in American entertainment, was born on February 20, 1967, in Wilmington, Delaware. . Beyond the superficial, there’s a desire to understand his career trajectory, family life, and notable accomplishments. Exploring his biography reveals a rich tapestry of experiences in the entertainment industry, marked by significant milestones and achievements. Shue’s contributions stand as a testament to his talent and commitment, leaving an enduring impact on audiences worldwide.

Andrew Shue Education

Andrew Shue’s educational journey began at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, where his active participation in sports laid the foundation for his athletic prowess. Following this, he pursued higher education at Dartmouth College, where his passion for soccer persisted, alongside a burgeoning interest in drama and acting. His time at Dartmouth not only honed his skills on the field but also provided a fertile ground for nurturing his artistic talents, setting the stage for his future endeavors in both sports and entertainment.

How old is Andrew Shue?

In 2023, Andrew Shue reached the age of 56, marking a significant milestone in a career that has unfolded across multiple decades. His journey is a testament to versatility, transitioning seamlessly from the realm of television stardom to a thriving entrepreneurial path. Over the years, Shue has navigated the evolving landscape of entertainment and business with resilience and adaptability, leveraging his experiences and talents to carve out new opportunities for growth and success. This ongoing evolution underscores his ability to embrace change and seize upon emerging prospects, cementing his status as a dynamic figure in both industries.

Andrew Shue Height, Weight

Andrew Shue’s physical stature aligns well with the demands of his profession, standing at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. With a weight of 73 kg, he maintains a balanced and healthy physique that complements his professional endeavors. His proportions likely contribute to his on-screen presence and versatility as an actor, allowing him to embody a wide range of characters with ease and authenticity.

Andrew Shue Parents

Andrew is the son of James Shue, with Anne Harms as his mother. He shares his family with three siblings: Elisabeth Shue, William Shue, and John Shue. This familial background likely played a significant role in shaping Andrew’s upbringing and influencing his personal and professional endeavors throughout his life.

Andrew Shue’s Personal Life

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew Shue is deeply committed to his family and community. He channels his energy into philanthropic endeavors, notably founding the charity Do Something, aimed at empowering young people and effecting positive change. His dedication to making a difference underscores his genuine concern for others, elevating his public image and adding depth to his persona.However, his personal life has seen its share of challenges. Andrew’s marriage to Amy Robach came to an end due to her involvement in a romantic relationship with her TV co-host, T.J. Holmes. The situation resulted in both Robach and Holmes ending their respective relationships to pursue their newfound connection.

Andrew Shue First Wife

Jennifer Hageney was Andrew Shue’s first wife, and together they raised three children before their divorce in 2008. Hageney has since established herself as a top marketer and business partner at iHeartMedia Inc., where she has been employed for the past seven years. Her professional journey also includes serving as Andrew Shue’s agent and overseeing marketing at Cafe Mom, a website he co-founded.

In 2010, Andrew Shue remarried, tying the knot with TV correspondent Amy Robach. Between them, they are caring for a blended family of five children from their previous relationships. However, recent developments have cast a shadow over their marriage, with rumors circulating about Robach’s alleged involvement with her Good Morning America co-host, T.J. Holmes. These reports have led to speculation about the state of their relationship and the future of their family dynamic.

Andrew Shue’s Second Wife

Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig continue to share a strong bond of love. Recent sightings of the couple in New York City depict them walking hand in hand, showcasing their affection for each other. Shue, aged 57, opted for a casual ensemble of jeans, a winter coat, and Adidas sneakers, while Fiebig complemented the chilly weather with a long coat, boots, and tights. Their relationship has garnered attention, particularly due to the professional ties of their ex-spouses, who both previously worked as news anchors for GMA3.

Despite the spotlight on their past relationships, Shue and Fiebig have been dating for several months now. Observers note the happiness evident in Shue’s demeanor, especially following his divorce from his former spouse, Holmes, in December 2022, after a 12-year marriage. The divorce proceedings concluded in October, nearly a year after Holmes, aged 46, began dating Robach, aged 51. With recent sightings reaffirming their togetherness, it’s apparent that Shue and Fiebig’s romance continues to flourish.

Andrew Shue Children

Robach’s marital journey has been marked by significant transitions. Initially married to Tim McIntosh in 1996, their union ended in separation in 2009. Following this, she tied the knot with actor Andrew Shue of Melrose Place fame in 2010. However, recent developments suggest trouble in paradise, possibly indicated by Shue’s son Nate, aged 26, who posted a cryptic message on his Instagram stories. Nate’s posts often allude to family issues, and his recent message hints at potential turmoil surrounding Robach’s departure from ABC News and her alleged breakup with Shue.

Nate’s social media activity has been reflective of the family’s dynamics, as seen in his year-end reflection video where he expressed care for his loved ones. He is the eldest son of Shue and Jennifer Hageney, a floral designer, with siblings Aidan, aged 24, and Wyatt, aged 19. Robach, on the other hand, is the mother of Ava and Annie, with McIntosh being their father.The blending of their families proved challenging for Shue and Robach, especially considering their relatively short courtship of just ten months before tying the knot. These recent developments hint at underlying tensions within their relationship, prompting speculation about the future of their union.

Andrew Shue Career

Andrew Shue’s rise to fame as Billy Campbell in the TV series Melrose Place endeared him to audiences worldwide, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. However, his contributions extend far beyond acting. Shue’s prowess as a soccer player showcased his athleticism and versatility, earning him recognition beyond the realm of Hollywood. Moreover, his entrepreneurial ventures, notably the creation of CafeMom, underscore his aptitude for business and innovation. By successfully transitioning between acting, sports, and entrepreneurship, Shue has crafted a diverse and impactful career trajectory, exemplifying his ability to excel across various domains.

What is Andrew Shue’s Zodiac Sign

Andrew Shue’s astrological sign, Pisces, reflects traits that align perfectly with the life of an actor. Possessing a highly creative and intuitive nature, Shue excels at tapping into emotions, both his own and those of others. His deep appreciation for storytelling, coupled with imaginative thoughts and sensitivity, makes him exceptionally suited for the demanding roles required in acting.

With nearly five decades in show business, Shue’s Pisces star sign serves as a testament to his creativity and empathy, two indispensable qualities for success in the industry. His intuitive spirit and profound understanding of human emotion have propelled him to great heights, establishing him as one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors. Andrew Shue’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of Piscean traits in shaping a remarkably successful career in the entertainment world.

How Did Andrew Shue Get Famous?

Andrew Shue shot to stardom with his portrayal of Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place,” a role that not only catapulted him to household name status but also amassed him a staggering $100 million fortune.At the tender age of 28, Shue’s entry onto the set of “Melrose Place” marked the beginning of an illustrious career in entertainment. His portrayal of Billy Campbell captivated audiences with his undeniable charisma and charm, cementing Shue as a captivating presence on screen.

Beyond his “Melrose Place” fame, Shue’s journey included notable appearances in acclaimed films like “The Westerner” and “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Andrew Shue Nationality& Ethnicity

Andrew Shue, an accomplished American actor of Caucasian descent, has leveraged his nationality and ethnic background to great advantage throughout his Hollywood career. His fluency in English has served as a valuable asset, allowing him to seamlessly pursue roles on both sides of the Atlantic without encountering language barriers.Growing up amidst the rich tapestry of American culture and its diverse populace, Shue has developed a keen ability to adapt to a wide range of characters and settings. Whether portraying roles set in contemporary New York or historic Victorian England, his immersion in American society has equipped him with a deep understanding of its nuances and complexities, enriching his performances on screen.In essence, Shue’s Americanness has been a defining factor in his success, enabling him to connect with audiences across various demographics and resonate with the diverse tapestry of American life portrayed in film and television.

What Did Andrew Shue Do  For a Living?

Andrew Shue’s reputation may be anchored in his acting career, notably his role in “Melrose Place,” yet he has proven himself equally adept as an entrepreneur. Alongside his accomplishments on screen, Shue has ventured into the business realm with remarkable success, most notably through ventures like Cafe Media. These entrepreneurial endeavors have become integral to his professional identity, showcasing a multifaceted approach to his career. Through Cafe Media and other ventures, Shue has demonstrated not only his creative talents but also his business acumen, highlighting his versatility and ambition beyond the confines of Hollywood.

Who Did Andrew ShueDate From Melrose Place?

While starring on “Melrose Place,” Andrew Shue was romantically involved with his co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith. Their off-screen relationship added an extra layer of intrigue to the show, enhancing its appeal to viewers throughout its run.

Who Did Andrew Shue Replace on Melrose Place?

Andrew Shue stepped into the role of Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place” after actor Stephan Fanning was initially cast but later replaced during the early stages of the pilot. This pivotal change in casting ultimately paved the way for Shue’s ascent to fame on the show.

Fact’s About Andrew Shue 

  • Andrew Shue’s estimated net worth is $50 million. As he is an American actor.
  • Andrew Shue wife name is Amy Robach, is an American television reporter. He married  Amy Joanne Robach in 2010.
  • In his past relationship, Jennifer Hageney is the first wife of Andrew Shue. He married Jennifer Hageney in 1994 and after the divorce in 2009.
  • Andrew Shue has one child with Jennifer named Nathaniel William Shue.

FAQs about Andrew Shue

What is Andrew Shue’s net worth?

Andrew Shue’s estimated net worth is $20 million, primarily earned through his ventures in acting and entrepreneurship.

How old is Andrew Shue?

Andrew Shue was born on February 20, 1967, making him 57 years old as of now.

What is Andrew Shue’s height and weight?

Andrew Shue stands at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall and weighs approximately 73 kilograms.

Who are Andrew Shue’s parents and siblings?

Andrew Shue’s parents are James Shue and Anne Harms. He has three siblings: Elisabeth Shue, William Shue, and John Shue.

Is Andrew Shue married?

Yes, Andrew Shue is married. His first wife was Jennifer Hageney, and they have one child together named Nathaniel William Shue. He later married Amy Robach, a television reporter, in 2010.

What is Andrew Shue’s profession?

Andrew Shue is known for his career as an actor, former football player, and entrepreneur. He gained fame for his role in the TV series “Melrose Place” and co-founded Cafe Media.

What is Andrew Shue’s zodiac sign?

Andrew Shue’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

Who did Andrew Shue date from “Melrose Place”?

Andrew Shue was romantically involved with his co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith while filming “Melrose Place.”

Who did Andrew Shue replace on “Melrose Place”?

Andrew Shue replaced actor Stephan Fanning in the role of Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place.”


Andrew Shue’s life and career are characterized by versatility, from his success in acting to his entrepreneurial ventures. His journey from “Melrose Place” to co-founding Cafe Media showcases his ability to excel in various fields. Beyond his professional achievements, Shue’s commitment to philanthropy and his personal life complexities add depth to his story.

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