Andre Hakkak House: Where Contemporary Elegance Meets Sustainable Living

Nestled in Coral Gables, Florida’s prestigious Gables Estate, the Andre Hakkak House stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance and environmental consciousness. Owned by Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman, this residence embodies their visionary tastes, combining luxury with sustainable living practices.

Architectural Marvel

The Andre Hakkak House is not just a home but a masterpiece of contemporary design. Its architecture seamlessly blends sleek lines with natural elements, creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. The interior spaces are designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, enhancing the overall living experience.

Location and Landscape

Situated in Coral Gables, known for its lush landscapes and upscale living, the house enjoys a prime location within the exclusive Gables Estate community. Surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens and serene water features, the property offers a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life.

Sustainable Living Features

One of the standout features of the Andre Hakkak House is its commitment to sustainability. The design incorporates eco-friendly materials and technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact without compromising on luxury. From energy-efficient lighting to water-saving fixtures, every aspect is thoughtfully curated to promote a greener lifestyle.

Interior Design and Amenities

Step inside, and you’re greeted with a blend of sophistication and comfort. The interior spaces boast high ceilings, expansive windows, and designer finishes that exude elegance. Each room is meticulously designed to cater to both aesthetic appeal and practicality, offering residents a luxurious yet functional living environment.

Visionary Owners: Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman

Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman’s discerning taste is evident throughout the house. Their vision for a modern yet sustainable home has been impeccably realized, setting a new standard in residential architecture. The house reflects their commitment to innovation and excellence, making it a symbol of contemporary living.

Community and Lifestyle

Living in the Andre Hakkak House isn’t just about the physical space but also about embracing a lifestyle of luxury and sustainability. The Gables Estate community offers residents exclusive amenities and a sense of community, enhancing the overall living experience.


The Andre Hakkak House in Coral Gables, Florida, epitomizes the fusion of contemporary elegance and sustainable living. Owned by Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to their visionary preferences and commitment to environmental responsibility. From its stunning design to its ideal location, every aspect of the house reflects sophistication and beauty, making it a truly exceptional residence in every sense.

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